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Data Use-Cases

Data Use-Cases

360-Degree Customer View

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account Profiling

Address Data Enrichment

Address Validation


Agriculture Management

Algorithmic Trading

Alpha Generation

Alternative Investment


App Analytics

App Insights

App Intelligence

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Asset Management

Asset Tracking

Attribution Analysis

Audience Activation

Audience Analytics

Audience Creation

Audience Extension

Audience Insights

Audience Intelligence

Audience Segmentation

Audience Targeting

Automated Parking Systems

Autonomous Driving

B2B Advertising

B2B Data Enrichment

B2B Lead Retargeting

B2B List Validation

B2B Marketing

B2B Sales

B2C Data Enrichment

Bank Data Enrichment

Behavioral Targeting

Behavior-based Audiences


Business Development

Business Intelligence (BI)

Catchment Area Analysis

Cold Outreach

Commodity Market Intelligence

Company Analysis

Company Data Enrichment

Company Valuation

Competitive Intelligence

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analytics

Competitor Insights

Consumer Data Enrichment

Consumer Intelligence

Consumer Profiling

Consumer Trend Analysis

Contact Data Enrichment

Contact Validation

Content Optimization

Corporate Treasury

Credit Risk Analysis

Credit Risk Assessment

Credit Risk Management

Credit Scoring

Credit Underwriting

CRM Data Enrichment

CRM Onboarding

Crop Monitoring

Cross Device Identity Management

Cross-Device Matching

Cross-Device Targeting

Currency Valuation

Customer Acquisition

Customer Data Enrichment

Customer Data Insights

Customer Data Intelligence

Customer Insights

Customer Intelligence

Data Append

Data Augmentation

Data Cleansing

Data Enhancement

Data Enrichment

Data Intelligence

Data Matching

Data Onboarding

Data Science

Data Supplementation

Deal Sourcing

Deep Learning

Demand Forecasting

Demographic Segmentation

Digital Advertising

Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) Advertising

Digital Shelf Analytics

Direct Marketing

Due Diligence

Ecommerce Analysis

Ecommerce Data Enrichment

Ecommerce Intelligence

Economic Analysis

Email Address Validation

Email Address Verification

Email Marketing

Energy Usage Management

Equity Reseach

ESG Investing

ESG Performance Analysis

Expansion Strategy Development


Financial Data Enrichment

Financial Intelligence

Financial Services

Footfall Analytics

Footfall Attribution

Footfall Measurement

Foot Traffic Analysis

Foot Traffic Analytics

Foot Traffic Attribution

Foot Traffic Measurement

Fraud Management

Fraud Prevention





Hedge Funds

Identity-Based Targeting

Identity Resolution

Identity Theft & Fraud Protection

Identity Validation

Installed-base Intelligence

Installed-base Marketing

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intent Based Marketing


Investment Banking

Investment Management

Keyword Analytics

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Lead Data Enrichment

Lead Generation


Local Economic Forecasting

Location Analytics

Location-based Advertising

Location-based Analytics

Location-based Audiences

Location-based Marketing

Location-based Targeting

Location Insights

Location Intelligence

Location Planning

Location Verification

Location Visualization

Machine Learning (ML)


Marketing Data Enrichment

Market Intelligence

Market Potential Analysis

Market Research

Market Share Analysis

Master Data Enrichment

Master Data Management (MDM)

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Analytics

Mobile App Analytics

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Omnichannel Insights

Online Advertising

Online Marketing

Operational Intelligence

Origin-Destination (O-D) Analysis

Out-of-home (OOH) Advertising

People-Based Marketing


Personalized Marketing

POI Enrichment

Point of Interest (POI) Mapping

Point of Interest (POI) Marketing

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Valuation

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Modeling

Price Analysis

Pricing Analysis

Pricing Optimization

Pricing Strategy

Procurement Intelligence

Product Data Enrichment

Product Research

Programmatic Advertising

Property Investment

Property Managers

Property Valuation


Purchase Intelligence

Quantitative Investing

Real Estate

Real Estate Analytics

Real Estate Insights

Real Estate Intelligence

Real Estate Investment


Retail Analytics

Retail Intelligence

Retail POS Data Analysis

Retail Site Selection


Revenue Forecasting

Risk Analysis

Risk Assessment

Risk Assurance

Risk Classification

Risk Management

Risk Mitigation

Risk Modelling

Road Maintenance

Sales Data Enrichment

Sales Intelligence

Sales Planning

Sales Prospecting

Sentiment Analysis

Stock Market Predictions

Stock Picking

Stock Selection

Stock Valuation

Store Visit Attribution

Supplier Data Enrichment

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Monitoring

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Systematic Trading

Targeted Advertising


Tire Condition Analysis


Traffic Analysis

Transaction Data Enrichment

Transportation Planning

Trend Analysis

Urban Mobility Analysis

Urban Planning

Venture Capital (VC)

Vessel Tracking

Weather Analytics

Weather Forecasting

Weather Observation

Web Traffic Analytics

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