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Top 5 B2B / Business Firmographic Data Providers

What is B2B Data ? B2B Data stands for Business Data. It is essentially the information involved around Business intelligence.

There are hundreds of fields that are involved in Business Data including revenue, number of employees, how long the company has been in business and more. The firmographic component of the B2B Data is the core information regarding the business's current standing.

The top 10 business Data Providers are:

1) Techsalerator 

Techsalerator covers Business Data and firmographic data in every country worldwide. Their coverage is global and involve 320M businesses. Their global coverage is unique in terms of aggregation. Hundreds of companies globally use Techsalerator firmographic data today.


2)Dun and Bradstreet 

Or commonly called DnB is a global Data intelligence company covering firmographic data in tens of countries worldwide. Their depth of data coverage helps hundreds of analytics companies globally to achieve their goals.

3) Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a direct contact database. It also covers some strong firmographic Data. Zoominfo is the Market leader for direct Marketing today.

4) Lusha 

Lusha is an Israel-based global Data Marketing platform. It also covers some key firmographic fields Globally.

5) DataAxle

DataAxle is a leader in Business firmographic Data in the United States. It is also one of the first US Data companies previously known as Infogroup.



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